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Project "MERGE"   Preparing Europe‚Äôs Grid for Electric Vehicles

Map of Partners

The MERGE consortium is formed by a multi-disciplinary group composed by universities/research institutes, System Operators (transmission and distribution grids) / regulators and automotive industry connected partners.

Partners Map
MERGE Consortium ICCS-NTUA ppc RAE IBERDROLA REE Comillas REN INESC ESB IMRWorld Ricardo Un. of Cardiff MITei AVERE InSpire consulting4drive TU Berlin

These partners will bring their knowledge to the project in different but complementary areas. System operators will bring their expertise in terms of solid practices regarding operation and planning of electricity grids. Regulators will bring their experience regarding the implementation of solutions capable assuring that EV users will be treated in a fair and non-discriminatory way when using the electrical system infrastructure and will help discussing solutions for new tariffs and market solutions. Automotive industry connected partners will provide specific knowledge on the transportation sector and their specific requests.

Finally universities/research institutions will bring their advanced research capabilities in terms of designing new models and updating existing simulation tolls to address the impacts of the integration of EV in the electrical network of the future. This results in a well-balanced mixture of industrial expertise and advanced research capabilities, which includes 5 leading research institutes/universities (INESC Porto, ICCS/NTUA, TU Berlin, Cardiff and Comillas), 5 automotive connected partners (AVERE, Ricardo, IMR World, C4D and InSpire) and 6 System Operators/Regulatory Entities (PPC, REE, REN, Iberdrola, ESB and RAE).